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About Jihan Bouraad, LMT

Jihan is a lover of warm hugs, big smiles and belly laughs. Prior to pursuing a health path, Jihan graduated from Florida State University (2007) where she studied Communications. Her years spent working in the field of public relations strengthened her unwavering belief in finding a healthy work/life balance.

Upon graduating from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (2017), Jihan’s massage therapy practice seeks to provide and educate people on the benefits of regular therapeutic touch and essential oil self-care protocols. Her vision is a world where all people experience a positive relationship with touch and a conscious connection of the body with the mind.

Jihan has completed a 14-week pre-natal massage training course with the founder of MaMassage® and also holds certification in the AromaTouch® Technique. While not working with clients, Jihan can be found leading essential oil workshops, on her yoga mat, or indulging in delicious self-care!

License: NY #030886-1


About Brogan Wikarek, LMT

Brogan is a strong believer in the healing power of caring, therapeutic touch. It is his goal to work together with his clients to help them: manage their pain, reduce the effects of stress, bring awareness to their body, and promote holistic wellness. He does so by combining Eastern and Western massage techniques for an integrated session, tailored to fit the needs of each individual’s body. He has also worked professionally in the fields of crystal and energetic healing, and he’s excited to share the benefits of these complimentary alternative medicines with his clients.

Brogan received his Associates of Occupational Studies with a focus on Massage Therapy from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (2017). He strives to bring his clients into a greater balance of mind and body while encouraging optimal health and wellness in their lives. Brogan also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Religious Studies from the Florida State University. Through his years of education, he has cultivated a love and respect for humanity and its many facets. He looks forward to meeting you and getting to work!

License: NY #030637


About Sarah Maag, LMT

Sarah has been a people person since birth. After growing up in a family of eight, she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin (2009) where she broadened her understanding of how the world works through studying History, Spanish, and Russian. However, in the years following college it became apparent that helping others, not just studying them, was her life calling.

Sarah's massage therapy education at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (2016) confirmed her belief that empowering others to help themselves holds the most potential for sustainable health change. As a MaMassage®, prenatal-certified practitioner, she is honored to walk alongside women through the entire perinatal process. She enjoys working with athletes, as she draws from tools learned through an internship at the Joffrey Ballet School. Hand-picking specific techniques for each session, she constantly educates clients about their anatomy and lesser known massage styles.

When not working with clients, she practices yoga, runs, reads, creates and pursues fine art, and can often be found preparing a dinner party for friends or strangers. Sarah lives in Brooklyn with her husband and best friend, Michael, and their adventurous one year old.

License: NY #029727